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One man has told curious history how the his sister (already aged) has married a certain Ivan Ivanovicha. In the beginning it made pleasant impression: it is clever, gregarious, witty. And it has then appeared that it the experimental intriguer, all peressoril in monogynopaedium.

"And a view at it offensive, heavy. After several skirmishes with it, it has threatened me that" will settle cheerful life ". And it is real, I some months provaljalsja in hospital. Legs were literally taken away. The same history has happened to my grandson. Us one sorcerer who has taken out spoil also has gained. Only then we have learnt that in native village, Ivan Ivanovich whence comes, from it klichut"sorcerer".

In the beginning the similar person is aimed to gain. When it is made, it starts to "milk" energetically a victim, jolting it on quarrels to consume its energy.


1. "I have a daughter, to it of 13 years. At it daily, since 6th cl, someone takes energy.

In the beginning the throat strongly was ill, has then ceased to be ill. But eyes were ill, thus sight is gradually degraded. And now eyes are ill and the throat is simultaneous.

In the mornings, as soon as she will wake up, then feels, how it is left by force. Start to be ill a throat and eyes. Wilt and fatique is during the day felt. And by the evening it all exhausted, acyanotic and exhausted. And so every day. (It is necessary to pray, appeal for the Lord or sacred people of protection. Most, in turn, to change character.)

In October, 1996 I again the unemployed, in the core am at home and too sometimes I feel, how the throat is ill me in the middle. On my feels, it at all a pain, and discomfort process, sometimes with feel of wilt. When I have told about it the daughter, she has answered me that when take energy from me, to it it is much lighter.

Most of all the daughter feels a pharyngalgia, eyes when is at home in a dwelling unit. Out of door to it it is better.

(Someone was got in your dwelling. Smudge a dwelling unit, consecrate, ask for Sacred Forces of protection.)

Recently I have purchased your book "Complete refinement of an organism". We have started it to read, have reached the head "Field parasites" on with. 88 (where it is featured that when "coverlet" per capita leans, it lies in the unguarded state, feels severe pains in a belly, is someone’s "time reference"). Then my daughter has started to tell to me that else then, in 6th cl, in the evening before going to bed the belly has strongly started to be ill it. I remember this moment. She writhed from a pain, and I did not know what to make and paternal such pains. On suspicion nutriment was not. Then we in the core of a spruce of gruel on water, without salt welded, vegetables, fruit. Ate separately.

The daughter during that moment had a feel that the Blanket trod out on a belly. The abdominal pain was very strong, and it was difficult to breathe. Then through a time it has uplifted a blanket, the pain has gradually ceased, and began to breathe lighter. (So there is a hooking up to energetic centre, and through it "milk" the person.)

Since then so much time has transited (about two years), and the clearance is not present. All and is prolonged day by day with a small time-out of "rest" as my daughter speaks.

We have a dwelling. Perhaps to us to succeed a place of residence? A leah will help it "? (Honor a prayer to John of Kronstadt.)

2. "Has acquired your book" Complete refinement of an organism ". Has read, and now thoroughly I read and I learn refinement of" the field form ". Some times made circulatory breath. But once all like it was gained. Legs, arms shivered, the person was jerked, prolonged minutes 25-30, then I have started to read about myself"Pater noster", have risen, and me still rocked, then all was abirritated.

It is a little about the illness. Generally permanently for some reason I am angry on trifles and always I worry, all I take to heart. Itself thin also I freeze often, a cold always. Three years any more I do not drink and I do not smoke, it is a lot of saws earlier and smoked, I live alone, without the wife, since 1980 at mother, me 42 years. It seems to me that one grandma has energetically stuck to me. When I miss, it will always shut down, tells and cries, and itself looks me in the face, and I always bring the eyes if not to leave, she though will stand and speak how much. Perhaps will advise how to validate, it collects or not my energy when I do not see it and how this case to remove? "(Yes so energetic vampires behave. They try to come into contact to the victim, and through it collect your vital energy. Be returned grace for it with all kindness, forgive her. They do not carry out it.)

3. "I 1952,"Weights", dosha"Wind". Since February, 1996 I am engaged under your books, 4th t." Salutary forces ". In another way began to perceive God though my parents are more narrow than 20 years sing in church chorus (after loss of the son), and I only am constant now, as the believer, I visit church. Has ceased to take offence at parents — there was no pain between blades (as if"stake"has been stemmed). (The Offence is an alien information which one is allocated around heart and is felt as offensive outside formation.)

In your books to me, Thank God, all is clear. Has cured only an allergy (on ragweed anther dust). Remaining — is not present.

In November has solved to strip the field form, and at me the neighbour-carpenter sometimes strongly knocks, I can not be occupied with breath to (be relaxed). And suddenly again a period of failures: a dwelling unit I can not interchange, on new operation of nuisance. I buy your book "Complete refinement of an organism" — all became clear at once.

I was born with a birthmark over a labrum at the left, moreover my father — "vampire", children there was at it five, I high — the most favourite. In the life I have still degraded a karma of the ancestors. After the institute termination have gone a defection beggarticks in my life, the chief on operation again — "vampire", from 200 persons I — object of attention, but the essential worker (25 years). The second husband, I with it have bunked 5 years, already two years after divorce, too "vampire", moreover recently have learnt that at it the maiden wife — the gipsy, applies "black magic". I appeal for, if it was possiblly, please, write me the address of that person which one helps people to be saved of "time reference" to the vampire. Thanks for your huge transactions, you are healers of soul and a skew field for the people, God data. Thankful in advance to you ". (Sometimes at the person such character that to it vampires and the bad situations stick. It is necessary to change character, instead of to search for the person. In one of examples it has been featured, to what"looking up"group like terms.)

4. "I write to you concerning vampirism. I about it heard earlier, but anywhere did not read in the scientific literature.

The matter is that my husband as whom I considered as the person with difficult character, concerns to energetic vampires. ("Difficult" character — that singularity, with which one help the vampire so attacks per capita to provoke burst of emotional energy which one it consumes.) all distinctive features of the vampire it is available at it. Principal bar — terry egoism, the attention demand to itself at the complete inattention to another. He for days on end complains, as much it works, as is tired. Actually it makes nothing, sleeps in the forenoon. It does not have any energy. It makes scandals because of trifles, complains of the fate. Though he has not been offended by fate. Now it on pension. (The absolute home vampire is featured.)

I thought earlier that at it concealed depression which one is periodically displayed by any malaise. Mental implications of illness at it always, but against mental depression that legs are ill it, heart, a liver suffices. In young age it had illnesses of a gastrointestinal tract. Now that heart is ill it, arthritises-art roses.

Customary methods of treatment of success do not yield. (By the way, the person staggered with a field parasite can become the vampire. Any bar of the character it has formed a field of the negative energy to which one the field parasite was attached and pumps out at it vital energy. Thus it so attacks consciousness of the person that causes it to instigate to emotional burst of people enclosing it.)

Having read your book, I have seen that with the years implications of vampirism became brighter. We looked with the grand daughter a teleserial, and he talks loudly, on the request to become silent does not react. He for a life invented various methods to deduce me from composure. (Here is how time that event — to direct capabilities of the mind on how it is possible to deduce more refined other of composure.) that he started to misuse strongly with alcohol began to use in speech obscene words. Though for the maiden 20 years in life I did not hear from it any such word. And the more I am perturbed with it, the more persistently it uses them.

And more many other things. A method in one way or another to deduce me from composure — the main implication of this illness. After scandal it some time feels easy. I appeal for you to assist me ". (Be returned grace for it about itself. Look, as he will behave. Honour aloud a prayer to John of Kronstadt. If at it a field parasite lead explanatory operation, be overcome together. Otherwise get divorced).


Having perceived all relevance of a control with parasites, it is necessary to get rid of them. All depends on a state of the person.

If the person is severely sick, is better to fulfil antiparasitic refinement on N.A.Semenovoj’s procedure or T. 3. Abramovsky. Follow-up to strenghten immunodefence on stated in the applicable section.

If health does not trouble you, it is good to transit treatment with the help "trojchatki", sage-brushes, short-term urinovyh starvations, dual cleanings up of a liver, the kerosene use. In a delivery to use antiparasitic grasss and spices.

For protective treatment at small malaises it is possible to use serebrjano-copper water. But it is better to apply "trojchatku" as it is featured above — week course on 3 times day and once a week a shock dose. So to prolong for the rest of the life. If necessary week course to iterate. Naturally, it will be periodically necessary to be stripped or regularly to fast, correctly to eat.

At health disorders, chronic diseases application "trojchatki" or sage-brushes well will approach. However is better to strip the field form of life and to transit a complete course of antiparasitic treatment (on Semenovoj or Abramovsky). Regularly to strip an oral cavity, to observe personal hygienics and simultaneously to treat the relatives.

Remember: refinement from parasites case of several courses — to 90 дней.1 With a view of protective treatment and etc. should be led antiparasitic courses, the use of bitter tastes during all life.

As to energetic parasites, observance of norms of morals, specially humility, fast and the benevolent ratio, — the best protection.

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People who are not capable to take pleasure directly from the existence fact are most dangerous. Their natural vital instincts are drifted in field of the concealed and spiteful aggressiveness. They actually gobble to whom concern ostensibly with maternal care and devotion. The self-renunciation eliminating pleasure of life, becomes frequent destructive for this purpose on whom it is routed.

How it is possible to tap carriers of negative psychology? It is possible to suspect something when you discover in someone signs of obsessional complaisance, excessive talkativeness. Driving of such people are chaotic, nonsynchronous, outwardly they look often inaccurately. These people are routinely persistent and invariable in the opinions, like to complain of misunderstanding from others, but actually love nobody, are envious and permanently demonstrate zealous contest with the claim for entrapment. In them internal aggressiveness and cruelty is felt. From them does not radiate any warm feelings, behind their smile, false courtesy conceals the masked insidiousness.

Negative persons do not carry out long loneliness, silence and instigate a scandalous situation to "palpate" the victim, to force it to get under dependence. Can, if will not achieve the, to resort to blackmail, threats.

Negative persons sow round themselves chill, indifference, inhibition. Radiating radiating from them spawns feel of lead gravity, pression in the field of any vital at the person to whom such messages are addressed.

If you have suspected that became object of someone’s negative action first of all should display in itself will, the self-critical ratio. Cease to be a victim — unclosed, ingenuous and trusting. A victim, that without suspecting, maintain the negative person who scoops their energy. To take energy it is possible under a requirement if the victim uncloses itself from inside. From here the negative person so plots the ratios that instigates a victim to emotional empathy.

Any of us is capable, being afraid of nothing, to be near to the negative person if we do not meet, we will not trust in it. It is necessary to close and display emotional neglect to affection and "sincere talks" from the psychologic vampire. If you are still incapable of independence and independence iditol on a complete separation, cease any contacts, occurrings, correspondence, telephone conversations and etc.

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The vampire — the French word as which one termed the dead person quitting a tomb and exhausting a blood at sleeping people. Vampirism — consumption of a blood or vital energy one person at another. There is an energetic vampirism more often.

Energetic vampires happen any: from "eating" splashings of emotional energy to constant "customers" of vital energy.

Yield we will understand, as it happens in practice and as it is possible to be saved of it.

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1. "The pensioner writes to you. I could endure that in the people term as spoil. Has reached that I wanted to perish, take the own life. Two years the bald walked. Legs badly walked — I go-go and suddenly as knocked down I impinge. Doctors discovered nothing, all assayings and snapshots good. (Spoil is an action on the field form of human life the alien destructive program. If physicians learn to troubleshoot informational-power changes clearly similar state of the person" becomes them)

There were then on my course of life two kind souls who and have assisted me. Then the book of the Bragg "a starvation Miracle" was got, and in December, 1991 I have led starvation of 14 days. In the summer of 1992 I am more narrow than an initiation to walk in working scaffolds, but through snags could not get yet. Walked normally, that is as all 1993: uphill hardly, from a mount vigorously enough. But since I have read your books and have purged an intestine, that, as which one consider rigid (with the help mochegona), I have started to be revived. There was an ease, I could dream of it only. Has started all to change about 1991 g, and now I generally look at much in another way ". (It points the positive changes in character of the person.)

2. "To me 33 years. The most important thing — to someone I have hindered in this world (husband). At it the brother has perished, and I could not be present on funeral — small children, after the second stems have pulled the right leg.

My ex-husband and the wife of the brother have simply reserved a prayer about rest on the dead person and at the same time on me (I had to be converted to a guessing). I very strongly was ill a pneumonia, two times lay in psychiatry — felt very badly. Practically has not perished nearly.

And even my doctor did not have a hope that I will persist. Only thanks to God and children I remained is alive.

To discover the answer, I was converted to God and parallely, purely intuitively, fasted for 2 days in two weeks. Has then transited the difficult trajectory of a repentance before God — has vowed. And the terrible state which has originated after that, — strongly fought the whole week heart, — but the pain began to be diminished. Having transited acupuncture, has felt that I am I, and everything that was in the past, was not with me.

Fasted 15 days. Has quitted abnormally — the maw strongly was ill.

In 1993 progolodala 34 days — all has transited safely. The organism was stripped. But peakings of the mental and physical plot have followed. Mental anguish has transited for 15th day of starvation. (Starvation helps to struggle with spoil. It is visible from the yielded example.)

Now to me began to see pleasantly itself in a mirror and meaning of the life I see in other. I am roamed now much lighter (since the childhood was feeble and limped on one leg) ".

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Let’s transfer to clothing from a fur fabric. Principal property of similar clothing — instantaneously to accept, draw out and save a long time any directed negative and positive energetic action. And radiating of this action of bellow on the host of a thing at all less strong than if it was direct…

Let’s talk about a method with which one help it is possible to prevent accumulating of the negative energetic charge in an artificial furry thing.

Mount just purchased and new thing from a fur fabric and ask somebody from members of your monogynopaedium or friends, you are absolutely assured of whose benevolent ratio to, to load a thing positively. For this purpose it is necessary, that the selected person some times has tenderly stroked poil both arms, thus thinking of you something good, pleasant. The positive emotional ratio "will settle" and will be anchored on bellow strands of wood, in its structure, will create a jacket of the positive ratio to you. Now the negative ratio will be repelled from bellow, and positive will be attracted and strenghten that kindness which one is superimposed on bellow earlier. It means that it will accumulate all positive — with each good thought or the sense directed on you. And to negative emotions will not react, as their presence at originally given program is eliminated.

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There is simple and accessible to everyone a checkout method, to subject to which one it is necessary any bellow bought by you. Having taken a thing in arms, slowly calender it smothway, having closed down eyes and having massed on feels near at hand.

If in a bellow material there is even an insignificant trace of horror of a death agony, you necessarily will experience it. He will respond if not nyxes in a palm or the paintbrush interior, quite notable sense of melancholy, troubles, discomfort in the field of heart.

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It is necessary to know that the furry clothing can advocate from spoil.

The clothing from bellow of water animals — the beaver, a nutria, an otter, a fur seal and a seal — renders per capita, their wearing, stripping action. After all the native physical agent of these animals water which one flushes away and immerses any harmful energies. The thing from such bellow will undertake on any bad action directed on you, will shield from spoil, a malefice, will lead out a lady’s mantle and is not eliminated that will manage to help at attack of the energetic vampire.

Very relevant warning: never it is necessary to buy items of private manufacture from a dog or a grapnel! Even with a rabbit and that it is necessary to be careful if buy it in the market from a private trader.

Very often the people engaging in such business, do not track, in what requirements the animal clogs, in excruciatings or without serious consequences it perishes. Moreover: it is considered that the skin which has been torn off from an alive animal, looks more beautiful… The Cap seamed from a skin of an animal, perished in painful torments, will radiate permanently a charge of a pain, pavor, a flour. Wearing of such cap warrants to you the illnesses connected to cardiovascular system.

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At all do not dig out ancient burials, do not assemble on steppes of stone images and other graven images. From all it there is the strongest spoil.

Buying somewhere a new thing, store that before mounting it itself, it is necessary to drop triply round it a knife, and head wears, trousers, socks, cravats and etc. it is necessary to cross over three times a knife.

It is noted that well advocates from spoil wearing on a bare skew field of knitted woollen vest of white, blue or red bloom.

Perfectly cold running water takes out spoil. The spoilt patient is recommended to resemble on a current of the river and to say at this time prayers. In the winter on the river or loch there are non-freezing places, ice openings. The spoilt patient is recommended to be immersed into them. Thus it is necessary to accept all security measures.

If spoil is made on an epilepsy or alcoholism the sage and the centaureas consecrated for Easter, well help.

From fowl (toads, lizards, the dragon, worm screws, worms) which one were got in the person as a result of spoil, well helps a spurge an euphorbia. 1 h. A spurge spoon to flood 1 glassful of cold water. To boil in the enameled ware of 15 minutes. To filter, accept on an empty stomach for an hour to meal. It is desirable to drink in two steps. At first 100 g, and in 30 minutes to drink up decoction residual.

From a frog croaking in you it is recommended to drink on an empty stomach daily a crude hemp seed (not less than 150-200).

If at visitation of church of the person witches or sorcerers start to prevail against, it is necessary to say at once a prayer "the Heruvimsky ode".

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Here some checked advice how self-contained to be saved of spoil.

Non-Christian it is obligatory to be christened. The kreshchenogo person is preserved by the Christian egregor and the good angel. Wear natelnye the consecrated creeds.

Getting rid of spoil begin with reading morning and evening prayers. Not less than two times a month visit church. Consecrate a location in which one live.

Validate pillows and feather beds on retention in them of unusual subjects. The discovered subjects incinerate far away from the dwelling. Thus the smoke from a fire should not go towards your dwelling and most it is not recommended to fall under a smoke. At burning say a prayer "Pater noster".

In Christian fasts it is desirable to fast 1-3 weeks. Sick of schizophrenia, an epilepsy and DTSP every night lay on a head a compress from the heated told water.

Regularly take troughs from the told water (a glassful of the told water run in in a trough cruciformly). Before trough acceptance drink a glassful of the told water. Taking a trough, bead or plots from evil spirit or spoil.

Aware people for speedup of getting rid of spoil recommend to make infusion from plakuna, a mugwort wormwood or a bristlethistle (100 g of any above-stated plant suppose in a jar and flood 0,5 l of vodka. Ten days draw in a warm, dark place, filter and accept for 1 h. To a spoon three times a day on a glassful of the told water).

Water can be told most. For this purpose type waters in a 3-litre glass bulb (it is desirable from an environment on Thursday that the maiden drip has got in a jar), deliver it near an icon, fire a candle or a lampad and read on three times "Pater noster", "to the Deipara, Devo, rejoice", "Yes God", zaklinatelnuju a prayer of Kiprianu will rise.

The told water always hold down under a cover.

During treatment for evil spirits and spoil restrict a circle of people, accepted in your dwelling. Specially avoid from whom badly smells.

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Many will ask a problem: and how to learn, a leah our organism or an organism of our relatives is attacked by evil spirit, spoil or not?

I will enumerate the signs pointing retention of spoil.

The screech in the sleep cogs points a lesion of an organism or helminths, or field parasites.

If pupils of eyes run counter-clockwise or one pupil more than another, it is an obsession sign.

Nevus pigmentosus on the person at standard points health a lesion a field parasite.

Appearance on the right side of the thirteenth rib — a lesion the strong field parasite.

If in the dwelling something takes you aloft, it points presence of bad forces.

Lack at the healthy woman of a menses, points poor monthly separation, lack of pregnancy a lesion a field parasite.

Fear of people or shut rooms and locations — a lesion a field parasite.

Loss during a short time of major mass of a skew field without the visible parents points implementation of a field parasite.

If in church to the person it becomes bad or he behaves violently, the lesion a field parasite occurs.

The creed consecrated in church is repelled from a skew field or after a while somewhere disappears is a lesion a field parasite.

Cannot say the God’s prayers or yawn at their pronouncing, do not tolerate odour of an incense, and at reading of a prayer to John of Kronstadt it becomes bad — the indicating on a lesion a field parasite.

If the person badly sleeps and rises tired — a lesion a field parasite.

If the person does not carry out a characteristic view from a mirror or sees the eyes gelatinous — a lesion a field parasite.

Appearance in an ocular pupil of a red eye points a lesion a field parasite.

If the person "in" itself hears bark, miaow and other outside sounds, it points a lesion a field parasite.

Outside sounds indoors, a type of a screech, rustles, specially at night; lopane glassfuls, vases, valves or other glassware — sure signs of presence of field parasites.

When look at an icon or a cross, and in consciousness, besides your will blasphemous words and curses — the indicating on a lesion are said by a field parasite.

If the person has a bad sleep and feels that to it have directed spoil so it and is.

Doctors cannot instal the diagnosis, no treatment and self-environmental sanitation helps — means, at you spoil or a field parasite.

The constant breakdown for a long time, is not present desire to live and etc., and in a head thoughts on suicide — the indicating on a lesion a field parasite turn.

Appearance in the dwelling in considerable quantities of mice, ants, cockroaches and other — points a lesion a field parasite.

The type in sleeps of tombs and dead men points spoil therefrom.

If it seems to you that behind your back someone costs or permanently feel sensation of fear — the correct indicating on a lesion as field parasites or spoil.

If, when you read the yielded enumeration, on you has worked one of sentences (for example, there was a pavor at reading that behind the back someone costs), is a correct indicating on this type of pores

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